Kris Douglas


Kristian is an Illustrator/designer/graffiti artist, originally from New Zealand, he now has a Milton Keynes accent and is based in London.

Producing work for various projects ranging from packaging and branding to large scale wall murals and live painting events. Kristian’s primary work consists of bold imaginative characters that take inspiration from an upbringing of comics, video games, late 80’s/early 90’s saturday morning cartoons, skateboarding and graffiti.

All of this in combination with a love of design, typography and hip-hop has resulted in the work he is producing today.

‘My work is a result of an over active imagination, an unhealthy obsession with ninjas, robots, cartoons and comics and a love for drawing and creating new artwork. I try to create things with a bit of humour and a morbid twist that packs a punch when you see it, whether it’s on paper, a screen or a 10 foot wall’.